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December 12th, 2017 


President John Trifiletti called the meeting to order at 12:30pm with the traditional ringing of the Rotary bell.

Invocation: John Donaldson

Pledge:  Dave Brockett

Song: Visiting Torrey Pines Rotarian Eric Jones led a rousing rendition of “God Bless America.”


Rotary Welcomed


Gordon Shurtleff, Eric Jones, Bob Chapman, Max Gurney, Richard Phillips and Birgitte visited from the Torrey Pines Rotary. Scott Carr, Rotary District Governor, made a surprise visit. Jane Reldan introduced returning guest Lina Elliott from Citi National Bank. Claude Rosinsky brought as her guest Charles Stuart, Catering Director of The Grand Del Mar. Christian Winter attended as a guest of Dave Brockett, and Elaine Wilson was a guest of Cindy Goodman. Nick McClusky was a returning guest.

Nominating Committee Report: Annual Meeting

Past President Bill Burch gave the final reading of the recommendations from the Nominating Committee for the 2018-2019 slate of officers and directors:  Kevin Quinn (president), Charles Hartford (president-elect), Chuck Marsh (secretary), Dave Brockett (treasurer), Femie Cupit (club services), Rich Velasquez (vocational services), Judy Nelson (community service), Susan Rutan (International service), Craig Schniepp (youth services), Dirk Harris (membership), and Peter Nguyen (club/district relations). He opened the floor to any additional nominees.  Chuck Marsh confirmed we had a quorum.  There being no nominations from the floor, the vote was taken. The slate was unanimously approved.




John Trifiletti announced there will be no meetings on December 26 or January 2. We will be giving our servers a gift next week – our last meeting of the year. John also thanked the Holiday Party team, saying it was a wonderful party. 

Penny Shurtleff extended thanks for all those who attended and helped with the League House holiday party and sing-a-long.  She has led this for 14 years and it is a really fun event.

While Penny was still at the podium, Bill Burch announced he had a surprise and gave Penny a Community Proclamation for her amazing volunteer community work for the last 30 years.  Diane Jacobs and the Board of Supervisors proclaimed that December 12th would be known as Penny Shurtleff Day going forward. A well-deserved acknowledgement!




La Jolla Rotary congratulates Memo Camarillo, who was honored by his Rotary Club for his outstanding service – particularly all he has done for the John Vaughan Scholars Lab.  So wonderful to see this dedicated gentleman honored in this way.


Rotary Holiday Party

As reported by David Shaw: The Rotary Club of La Jolla held its annual Holiday Party on Tuesday evening, December 5, at La Valencia. The “Pink Lady” has never looked lovelier!  In attendance were many club members, including spouses and partners and children and grandchildren of Rotarians. President Trifiletti welcomed us to the 22rd meeting of the 2017-2018 Rotary Year, and told us that there would be NO agenda items, but to expect a “special visitor.” Later, a jolly, well-padded Santa Claus (AKA Bill Burch!) arrived to great fanfare.  He dispensed gifts and humor to young and older children alike (many of whom ended up on his lap!). Former Santa David Goodell beamed with pride as Bill kept up the tradition. At the end, Bill asked us all to join in welcoming David back to the club after an extended absence. David was greeted with a standing ovation. It was a joyous start to the holiday season.

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Christmas Party Photos provided by Big Mike! Thanks Big Mike!

Speaker: Colonel Jason G. Woodward


Kevin Quinn introduced our guest speaker, Colonel Jason G. Woodward.  Commanding officer, MCAS Miramar Colonel Woodworth was commissioned into the Marine Corps upon graduation from Colgate University in 1993.  He was designated a Naval Aviator in October 1996.  From 1996 until now, he served on both the USS Nimitz and USS Stennis, was a Marine Aviation Instructor, carried out several engagements in Europe as an Arms Control Inspector and reported to the Royal College of Defense Studies in London.  Colonel Woodworth assumed command of MCAS Miramar in August 2015.

Col. Woodward brought Msgt Christine Polvorosa from Miramar with him and quipped she is his body guard. Jason has 3 children, and his wife is a navy nurse. He wished everyone a Happy Hanukkah.  His brother-in-law is the president of Rotary in PA.  He understands the Rotary “service above self” pledge and has great respect for this group.

Col. Woodward started by giving an overview of the Miramar compound, which is one of just a few air stations inside of a big city and surrounded on all sides by the civilian community.  This situation brings challenges to the movement of sailors and aircraft. Their goal is to be the best neighbor possible.  They do receive many  complaints from the communities closest to them. He explained they are in San Diego for convenience as they can get to numerous other bases within 20 minutes.  There has been talk about moving them to Yuma, and that would increase travel time for trainees.

Miramar is 1 of 3 marine aircraft wings and is the biggest wing in the Marine Corp.  There are 450 aircraft stationed there.  They follow environmental constraints to the letter and use renewable energy.  Fifty-five percentage of their electricity comes from the landfill methane adjacent to their property.  They want to increase that number to 75% by 2020. They are the most energy-efficient installation in California and expect their supply to last until 2075.

He explained that Miramar is an exceptional Emergency Ops Center that could be life-saving during a catastrophic event. They also regularly help with fire support.

He discussed the topic of encroachment.  They have an enviable location and perceived empty space that draws the attention of many organizations.  They have been asked to house a homeless shelter, high-speed rail and recently the USO. They received 120 requests in last 65 days.  They look at all requests to see if they fit within the Marine Corp’s goals, and make sure they do not influence their mission.  There is a Rotary Club on base, and they would be happy to host a meeting.  He did mention that the Top Gun Navy program is no longer at Miramar.


John Trifiletti thanked our visitors and guest speaker.  John ended by congratulating Penny and quoting John F Kennedy – “Change is the law of life.  Those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”  The meeting was adjourned at 1:33pm.

Invitation_Dia de Reyes


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