NEW FEATURES on Rotary Club of La Jolla Website: Rotary International News Feed & Voices Blog!

Rotary International HOME page

Click to enlarge & see the SAME News Feed we now have on our Home Page on Rotary Int’l’s Home Page

In an ongoing effort to make “your” website for all things Rotary, there’s a new feature recently added…an “RSS FEED.”  You’ll find it at the bottom of every one of our pages just as you find it on Rotary International’s Home Page and can use it to keep up with Rotary’s activities directly from the Rotary International website.

Also…we’re now featuring “Rotary Voices,” also from Rotary International’s Home Page which brings you “Stories of service from around the world.”

Here’s how Rotary International explains RSS Feeds: 

“RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, is a basic form of Web page that sends news headlines and other Web content to subscribers. RSS users register to news feed sites like the ones listed below and have regularly updated news sent straight to them.

Some Rotary club and district websites use RSS news feeds from other sources to complement their existing content. These clubs are encouraged to subscribe to Rotary International’s official news feed, which provides the latest links to official announcements, project stories, featured articles from RI’s website.”

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