Surf Beat: May 2nd, 2017

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May 2nd, 2017 


Invocation:      Randy Mulch

Pledge:            John Todd

Song:               Penny Shurtleff led women’s and men’s choruses in “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.”


Rotary Welcomed


President Ken King welcomed visiting Rotarians from the Tempe, Arizona, downtown Rotary, Don (Club president) and Linda Kesner. Ken Lundgren joined us for the fourth time and has submitted his application for membership. Aaron Hoffman is a commercial realtor and was a 10-year member of the Lansing Rotary Club in Michigan. He has recently relocated to the area. Claire Reiss brought two guests to Rotary: Lilly Cheng who is involved with SDSU, and Michael Yee, board chair of the San Diego Chinese Historical Museum. Pre-med student Milad Torabi and recent UCSD grad Eric Orruchesky were guests of Jane Reldan. Charles Hartford introduced his “way better” half, Rebecca Hartford, noting that they were wed 19 years ago today on “Derby Day” in Lexington, KY.



David Shaw celebrates a birthday today and requested a song, “preferably on key.” Betty Dow will turn 39 again this week and was presented with a bouquet by President Ken and a song by the Club. Later in the meeting, Penny Shurtleff noted she was mistakenly left off of the birthday announcements. She still got her wish: a “Happy Birthday” solo from Ken “Sinatra” King.


Club/Committee/Event Announcements:


Will Creekmur provided an update on absent members Don Dewhurst and Jonathan Moffat. Don is recovering from recent surgery and expects to return to the Club in three to four weeks. John Moffat has been busy with family life. He hopes to become more active with the Club in the future. Red-Badger Alert: the Fireside Chat will be at the home of Chuck and Ann Dick on May 30. Attending is a requirement toward reaching Blue Badge status. Bob Pecora made a final pitch for interviewers for this Friday’s STRIVE interviews beginning at 8:30am at Garfield High School. He noted this activity as the “Inspiration part of the club.” In Wade Aschbrenner’s absence, Ken reminded Rotary Scholarship interviewers to be at the Berkshire Hathaway office on May 6 by 8:15am.


Happy Bucks:

Jane Reldan shared her recent skiing adventure in Canada. Claire Reiss was proud to note the community’s support of its academic institutions, citing SDSU’s successful campaign to raise $800 million. Claire’s guest, Michael Yee, thanked Claire for inviting him to Rotary. Lora Fisher shared that she so enjoyed hosting three female high school students last year who attended a summer science course in La Jolla that she is hosting again. This time Lora will host three male high schoolers, and she asked the Club’s help with tickets to events and activities to keep them amused in their non-study hours. Russell King congratulated his colleagues at SDSU for their success in fundraising and noted the collaborative research in which both SDSU and UCSD are involved. Don Lincoln announced that a legal case about water rights he’s been working  since 1969 has concluded. Randy Mulch shared he is soon to be a grandfather. Mark Christopher remarked how lucky we are to call San Diego home that, even after a recent wonderful trip with his wife, there are no regrets about coming home to our fair city. Lilly Cheng thanked Russell King for his congratulatory remarks about SDSU and complimented Rotary on its scholarship programs.




SPEAKER: Derrick Cartwright, University of San Diego (USD)

John Trifiletti introduced Derrick Cartwright, Director of University Galleries and Associate Professor of Art History at USD since 2012. Derrick’s presentation was themed “Creativity and the Campus-based Museum.” The Club learned a brief history of museums:

  • “Wunderkammern” (Wonder Rooms) arose in the mid-16th century and are considered the precursors to art museums. These spaces served as repositories for wondrous and exotic objects that “brought the world to a room.”
  • Art museums in the U.S. date back to the Hood Museum of Art at Dartmouth College, founded in 1772. Art museums were considered essential to civilizing the citizens of a rough-and-tumble early America. 

Derrick noted current trends for art museums:

  • architectural wonders, sometimes expanding beyond sustainable means
  • emphasis on free Wi Fi, public gathering areas, and trendy cafes to attract younger attendees
  • franchising of iconic museums such as the Guggenheim Bilbao

Are art museums going in the wrong direction by catering to a public that increasingly self-curates and seeks a more social than personal experience of art? Derrick made a case for university art museums offering an alternative by maintaining an educational focus. The debate is on.


Several Thoughts for the Day:

You can give without loving, but you cannot love with giving.

Accepting another person’s gift is allowing that person to express his or her feelings for you.

Every sunrise is an invitation for us to arise and brighten someone’s day.

It is the apathetic person that sees the cause, while the charitable person sees the need

Postcard From Spain

For the next several weeks, La Jolla Rotarians Susan Stevens and Dave Weston will be walking 700+ miles on the Camino de Santiago de Compostela in Spain. They will share updates with us in SurfBeat. Here is their first installment.

We have just woken up to day three of our Camino. Here are a few photos from day one and two. We are having a great time. The last two days have been very strenuous and we put in lots of miles (15 and 18) but today we only hike nine miles into Pamplona and tomorrow is a rest day.  The countryside is beautiful, very, very green. We are excited to see the city.

Susan Stevens and Dave Weston

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  Photos by David Shaw and Judy Nelson,  Reported by Diane Salibury. Edited by Susan Farrell. 

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