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November 29th, 2016


President Ken King called the meeting to order and welcomed members and guests.


Invocation: Randy Mulch read a quote from Mother Theresa “If you judge, you have no time to love” and reminded us to spread love.

PledgeLaurnie Durisoe led the club in a pledge, in honor of those in the military who have served us and for whom our club served Thanksgiving dinner.

Song:     Bill Burch – led us in the Christmas song “Deck the Hall” and stressed it is not Deck the Halls!




Guests :

  • Gale Hillgate was a visitor invited by John Trifiletti.  Gail works at The Bishop’s School.
  • Jeffery Brockett was a guest of Zeke Knight.  Zeke announced Jeff was a wonderful dentist just like his father David.
  • Jen Liggett was a guest of Randy Mulch from the Salvation Army.
  • Sandy Bayne was a guest of Peter Nguyen

Visiting Rotarians:

  • Deborah Chapman was visiting from the Palm Desert Rotary Clubimg_5491



  • Wade Aschbrenner (not present).
  • Tina Deroche (not present) .
  • Tommy our piano man is celebrating Wednesday at The Manhattan at Empress Hotel.


  • Bill Boehm (not present)


  • Club Relations: Will Creekmur reported that all is well today.


  • USO Thanksgiving – Laurnie Durisoe reported that our club has been serving those who serve us for 17 years.  In attendance this year were Chuck Marsh (chief decorator), David Brockett (lemonade man), Bill Burch (on stuffing duty), Claire Reiss and Shirley Burch (cranberries & gravy), Dave Weston (mashed potatoes), Sally Fuller (wonderful apple & pumpkin pies) and other wonderful helpers…..Carlos Gutierrez with Ciji Siddans, Edwin & Carolina Dickerson, Bill and Shirley’s sons Henry and Will, Don and Lael Dewhurst, Claire Reiss’ nephew Joseph Sung, Ron and Cathy Jones and Peter Nguyen.  A fun and fulfilled day was had by all.

dsc_0201 dsc_0107 dsc_0087 dsc_0066

  • Bill Meanly – purchased a $500 pin and is now fine free.


  • Charles Hartford – announced an opportunity to advertise at the Coggan Family Aquatic Complex.  The complex is looking for $50,000 to cover the cost of the new Colorado Timing System video board, enabling the aquatic complex to continue hosting quality local events.  The center is a 501(c)(3), therefore a portion of the contribution may be tax deductible.  In addition to helping the community – your ad will be viewed by an average 200,000 visitors per year.


  • Charles also announced there will be another Rotary Tijuana home build this Saturday, December 3.  This is #28 for our club and we have the highest level of high school student participation.  Contact Charles if you are interested in going –especially if you have a vehicle.
  • President Ken announced several upcoming events.
  •  A recap of what is happening this month and next:
    • December 3 – Tijuana home build
    • Dec 4 — Holiday Parade – Cindy Greatrex has organized past, present and future La Jolla Rotary presidents to be in a car at the parade.
    • Dec 6 — regular meeting will NOT be at the normal noon time – but at 5pm that day for our holiday party.  A sign-up sheet was passed around.  Also – we are collecting donations for a holiday bonus for our wonderful servers at the La Valencia meetings.
    • Dec 13 — we will elect officers and board.  That night will be the League House party and sing along – including a pianist from the La Jolla Symphony.
    • Dec 14 – board meeting.
    • Dec 15 – La Valencia anniversary party – go online to buy tickets.
    • Dec 17 – Salvation Army bell ringer event – need a few more ringers at the Girard Vons.
    • Dec 28 – cocktails with Ken location TBA.
    • January  15 – Three Kings Day.
  • Cindy Greatrex announced we will be partnering with Tijuana Rotary on the Three Kings Day and are in need of toys, blankets, medical supplies, wheel chairs and more.
  • Cindy Goodman also announced her committee received a grant to contribute sanitation supplies to India.
  • Lora Fisher will be providing information soon on the next Haiti trip.
  • Kevin Quinn – a reminder that Dec 13 from  6:30-8pm is the League House holiday party and sing along with a wonderful pianist from the La Jolla Symphony.
  • President Ken King – announced a 3rd reading of our upcoming officers slate: Vocational Service – Dirk Harris, International service – Cindy Greatrex, Community Service– Judy Nelson, Paul Harris-Ken King, Youth Service-Craig Schniepp, Membership – TBA, Treasurer- Dave Brockett, Secretary-Chuck Marsh, President-John Trifiletti and President-Elect Kevin Quinn.

Happy Bucks:


  • Susan Rutan – announced she is very happy that her Cuba itinerary and trip has come together and is amazing.  The trip is May 7-16, 2017 and if you are interested reach out to her to sign up.  She will be donating $50 per booking from Rotary to the club.
  • Laurnie Durisoe– announced that Pantai Inn hit #1 in San Diego and La Jolla on Trip Advisor 2.5 weeks ago.  This is a major accomplishment that they have worked hard for and are grateful and proud.
  • Sally Fuller – announced the “Women in Leadership” series held by the La Jolla Woman’s Club.  Wednesday night, November 30th the speaker will be Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn-President of the Salk Institute & Nobel Prize Winner.

What Do I Do:


  • Zeke Knight gave his “What do I do” talk.  Since his retirement from The Bishop’s School, he enjoys visiting national parks and is a wooden boat freak.  He has built two boats and has them on a lake back east.  He hasn’t convinced most of his family to try the boats out but was able to get his grandson, who lives in Tahiti, out recently, and says it was great fun. He was an art major at Williams College and recently saw the amazing Chihuly glass exhibit in Seattle. This institution has graduated heads of five major art museums.  He is now creating a place in his garage to paint, and hopes to compete with other artists from the club soon.  Zeke loves the Gates Foundation Campus which has an exhibit in honor of Rotary.  Boats, art, philanthropy and family are his passions. Zeke gave a heartfelt thanks for our Rotary club and talked about the Tijuana home build and Stars in our Eyes, which helped fund numerous scholarships . An added bonus: Burton Housman introduced him to his wife at a Rotary meeting 21-years ago.

img_5522 img_5526



John Trifiletti introduced Aimeclaire Roche, the Head of The Bishop’s School.  Working for Bishop’s himself, he made note of her tireless advocacy for students, describing her as a brilliant scholar, who has been successfully leading Bishop’s for eight years.

Her message on the Bishop’s website says volumes about her passion and dedication:

 At Bishop’s we believe the most effective school environment is the combination of place, purpose and people through which all learning happens: the physical structures that form a school, the authenticity of the tasks students are asked to perform and the people—the classmates and teachers—who are as central to an education as any curriculum or campus.

With 800 students in grades six through twelve, Bishop’s people are passionate and curious, whether they are the students who sit shoulder-to-shoulder in class or lab, studio or Chapel, or they are the teachers, advisors and coaches who inspire those students every day to fulfill their greatest potential. Our purpose remains clear: to educate, in student-centered classrooms, citizens who will contribute their talents to the contemporary world in transformative ways. And our place—our historically significant and beautiful campus—projects an understated majesty and emphasis on meaningful community engagement.

Whether with technology that inspires collaboration, in astute discussion around an intimate classroom table, or in cheerful play on our Quad, the Bishop’s stage is set for every student’s exploration and joyful personal development; our goal is that, on graduation day, each has become the person he or she was meant to be\

Welcome to what I hope will prove to be a singular educational experience, full of invigorating challenges, nurturing personal relationships and every student’s growing sense of confidence and passion. Welcome to The Bishop’s School!

Ms. Roche began her talk by stating that Rotary is a remarkable community partner and she is grateful for the partnership.  Bishop’s is currently 800-students strong.  They started with three women and in fact, for many years it was a women-only institution and boarding school.  In 1974 they took on male students and in 1984 they stopped boarding students. Students hail from every quarter of San Diego and represent 75 sending schools.  Their goal is to attract students from grades 6-12 from all over San Diego.   Twenty-per-cent of the student body is currently on a need-based financial program. They have 100 full -time teachers and 100 other employees who serve 1,000 kids twice a day including a milk break.

Ms. Roche was formerly a Latin & Ancient Greek teacher and had to quickly learn the ropes of running a big business once she was drafted into the ranks of administration.

Bishop’s is small enough to develop close relationships and large enough to provide wonderful programming and programs such as athletics and orchestra.  Their goal is to always give students an opportunity to expand themselves through encouragement and exposure to new things.

Roche played a lovely video of students talking about their experience at Bishop’s – the main theme being inspiration from the teachers as well as the students.  It looks like a wonderful model for educating young adults.

Bishop’s has been a foundational part of La Jolla since 1909 and the chapel celebrates the 100th anniversary.  Diverse backgrounds and beliefs are welcome.

She went on to elaborate that they believe in a student-centered education.  Humility is the key ingredient to this approach.  They model what it means to respect the needs of others.  Even the classrooms are set up with round tables rather than rows. The traditional educational hierarchy is flattened and teachers are in constant learning mode and teach with fresh syllabuses rather than being on auto pilot.


President King ended the meeting with a quote from his grandfather “If you want to touch the past touch a rock, if you want to touch the present touch a new car, and if you want to touch the future, touch a life”

He reminded everyone of the evening holiday party next week, rather than lunch, and adjourned the meeting.

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  Photos by Deb Plotkin and Susan Rutan. Reported by Susan Rutan . Edited by Susan Farrell. 

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Water Wars

The water, steel gray, muscled with hidden current, surges by in a steady itinerant push, making a sound like bacon lightly frying, or faint applause. Blue-black against the afternoon sky, the snowy peaks of the Cascades overlook the river’s basin. To stand on the cool, muddy banks, it’s hard to imagine the tears of heartache, bitterness, hostility, and despair that have been shed over this vital artery of the American West.

The 263-mile Klamath River, which stretches from Oregon to a remote corner of California, has been the object of a custody battle as ugly as any parental fight for a child. Indian tribes. Farmers. Ranchers. Fishermen. Neighbors. Environmental activists. Politicians. All have been locked in a stalemate so fraught that it has an unofficial title: the Klamath Water Wars.

Melita’s Restaurant & Lounge just outside Chiloquin, Ore., isn’t much to look at. With its corrugated metal roof, hand-painted “open” sign, and faded Pepsi ad circa 1970, it’s little more than a roadside pit stop. But it’s got good pie and barbecue chicken and serves a generous helping of mashed potatoes; more to the point, it’s about the only game in Chiloquin, a timber town just down the road from the sprawling ranch that belongs to a mild-mannered Rotarian named Jim Root.

In his jeans, leather vest over a light blue chambray shirt, cowboy boots, and professorial wire-framed glasses, Root, 69, doesn’t much look the part of miracle worker – more like a kindly uncle who always knows the right thing to say.

And yet I traveled cross-country to this remote corner of Oregon to meet Root precisely because of the improbable feat he pulled off at the turbulent height of the water wars here. In the most tense of moments, the self-effacing businessman got a group of enemies to start talking.


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