Surf Beat: September 20th, 2016


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September 20th, 2016

Photo by Judy Nelson

Photo by Judy Nelson

 A Few Highlights from our Club Meeting:


Invocation: Cindy Greatrex brightened a gloomy day with an Irish drinking toast:

                          “Here’s to a long life and a merry one,

                            A quick death and an easy one,

                            A pretty girl and an honest one,

                            A cold beer and another one!”

Pledge: John Trifiletti 

Song: Bill Burch, “California, Here I Come


The Club Welcomed…

  • Jane Reldan introduced Mengyou Wu, her third-year medical student.Deborah Chatman was a visiting Rotarian from the Palm Desert club.
    Photo by Pat Stouffer

    Photo by Pat Stouffer

    Birthdays and Anniversaries

    Ken King brought up Dave Brockett on two counts: upcoming birthday (September 26) and caught not wearing his Rotary pin. Dave begged for silence on the first and pleaded guilty on the second, paying fines for both. Craig Schniepp celebrates his birthday this week and welcomed a song from the club.

Photo by Judy Nelson

Photo by Judy Nelson


  • Ken King recognized all those involved in putting together SurfBeat and reminded club members that anyone can contribute a photo by sending it to Susan Farrell, SurfBeat editor, or to reporters Diane Salisbury, Susan Rutan and David Shaw.
  • Charles Hartford gave an update on Interact Club at La Jolla High and the September 24 Tijuana home-build, the club’s 27th, in which the Interact students will participate. A sign-up sheet was distributed for additional helpers and donations.
Photo my Ron Spelman

Photo my Ron Spelman

  • Ken King made two announcements:
    • Next week he will announce the formation of the Nominating Committee for next year’s officers and committee chairs. Past presidents should see him after the next Rotary meeting.
    • The next Pint-Sized Rotary will undergo a name and venue change. “Cocktails with Ken” will be on Thursday, September 29th at 5:30pm at The Lot. Ken promised to treat the first 10 Rotarians who show up to a beverage of their choice.
Photo by Ron Spelman

Photo by Ron Spelman

  • Bill Burch gave an update on “Laughing Under the Stars,” our club’s first Gala and an important fundraiser. Ticket sales are going well among club members, but we all need to invite business colleagues and others for the event to be a success. Lora Fisher reminded everyone, especially her colleagues in banking and finance, that five sponsorship packages are available for corporate support. John Trifiletti and Russell King are the people to see if there is interest in sponsorship.
Photo by Ron Spelman

Photo by Ron Spelman

And the Winner Is…

  • Burt Housman found the lucky Sticky Note under his dining chair, making him the winner of an official Rotary satchel.

Happy Bucks

  • Red badger Peter Nguyen announced his absence last week was necessitated by a trip to Hawaii, where he proposed to his girlfriend. Congratulations, Peter!
Photo by Judy Nelson

Photo by Judy Nelson

  • Will Creekmur related his recent experience getting a deadbolt fixed at his home, not only efficiently but at a discount thanks to an Ace Hardware/Rotary discount. Will also thanked club members who offered emotional support during the past year as he went through a divorce. He is glad to report that all ended amicably and is now behind him.
  • Penny Shurtleff was thrilled about the Chicken Cacciatore served at today’s lunch buffet and plans to get the recipe from the chef.
  • Claire Reiss was happy that Mother Teresa has been recognized as a Saint by the Catholic Church and is now known as Saint Teresa of Calcutta.
Photo by Judy Nelson

Photo by Judy Nelson

What I do: Burton Housman

Photo by Judy Nelson

Photo by Judy Nelson

Burt Housman declared he is a 20th-century man living in the 21st century. Born during the Roaring 20s, his life view was influenced by the Great Depression, the death and destruction of World War II, and the wisdom of a father with only a 6th grade education who was fond of outsmarting his college-educated son. After graduating from Caltech and Divinity School, Burt traveled to Japan where he earned $50 a month helping with the post-war reconstruction. It was during that period that he became a Quaker. His main career was as a high school teacher. He taught not by telling, but by “tempting students to want to learn more.” Burt shared his observations on today’s all-volunteer army, helicoptering parents, the dumbing down of America, and the deep divide in our electorate. In conclusion, he offered a Quaker query: How does your life show whether you see the promise of America to be for you – or for us? Ken King presented Burt with an honorary Rotary pin.

Speaker:  Reesey Shaw, founding Director of Lux Art Institute

Photo by Judy Nelson

Photo by Judy Nelson

Reesey Shaw began her career as an artist and art historian. Her career grew to include curatorial and administrative ideas that led to her eventual position as founding Director of Lux Art Institute in 1998. Lux was created in response to a need for accessible contemporary art, as well as a cultural presence in San Diego’s North County. This vision evolved into reality in 2007 with the opening of Lux’s first permanent facility, the Artist Pavilion, in Encinitas. Redefining the museum experience, Lux is a place for international artists to live and work, while the public enjoys access to the creative process by observing artists in a working studio environment. The Pavilion is celebrating its 10th year of artists-in-residence during the 2016-2017 season. Reesey took the audience through a slide show of part artists’ work at the Institute.

Upcoming Events:

Laughing with the Stars, Saturday, October 29th

Tijuana Home Build, Saturday, September 24th

Board Meeting, Wednesday, September 14th

Pint-sized Rotary, September  29th 

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This week’s Surf Beat was reported by Daine Salisbury.  Photos by Ron Spelman, Pat Stouffer and Judy Nelson. Edited by Susan Farrell. 

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Member Spotlight: Zabit Aimal’s mission is to make peace

Kabul, Afghanistan, isn’t the easiest place for a fatherless child to grow up. Years of harsh Taliban rule had left Zabit Aimal the sole provider for his mother and sister. So in 2007, at age 17, he jumped at the chance to work as a translator and cultural adviser for American troops. Aimal was impressed with one American in particular, Nevada National Guard officer Kurt Neddenriep, a member of the Rotary Club of Elko, Nev. “His unit didn’t break down doors and make people angry. They’d go to the tribal elders, use me as a mediator to ask what’s wrong, sit with them over tea, and listen to their side of the story,” he says. “I asked Kurt, ‘Why is your unit so warm-hearted?’ He explained to me, ‘Back home, I’m a Rotarian. I believe in peace.’” Aimal learned that Rotarians believe in generosity, too. With Neddenriep’s help, as well as donations from the Rotary clubs of Reno, Carson City, and other cities, Aimal graduated from the University of Nevada at Reno in 2014 with a bachelor’s degree in political science. Now a Rotary Peace Fellow, he is working on his master’s degree in international politics and security studies at the University of Bradford in England. And after that? “I’d like to be involved in charity organizations that operate in war-torn countries,” he says. “Anything that will let me help The Rotary Foundation’s mission: to create peace.”

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