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February 6th, 2018 


President John Trifiletti welcomed fellow Rotarians and guests to the XXVIIIth (Kate Adams: take note!) regular luncheon meeting of the Rotary Club of La Jolla.  The theme for this year established for Rotary by our International President is “Making a Difference”.



Invocation:  words of wisdom from Alzheimers patients, read to us by Chuck Marsh:  Have all the fun you can have that’s legal.  Think more than you talk. Think positive and stay out of trouble. The more honest you are with yourself, the happier you are.  Enjoy laughing, drinking martinis, and holding babies.  Be attentive to those you love.  Simple times are happy times; learn from them.


Pledge: led by Dick Woltman.

Song: “Take me out to the ball game” (sung in honor of our speaker, Padres owner Peter Seidler), enthusiastically led by David Shaw and Mark Christopher.



Rotary Welcomed

A particularly warm welcome was given to former La Jolla Rotarian J.J. Nichting, whose expression of interest in rejoining our Club was well-received. Also joining us was Darcy Delano Smith. She us a longtime La Jollan employed by the Sotheby’s real estate firm, who came as the guest of Bill Boehm.




Ted Rutter and Diane Salisbury made a final pitch for the upcoming Rotary Club Social. Club members (significant others and guests) are invited to attend a March 18 matinee performance of La Jolla Symphony and Chorus, with the afternoon including a pre-concert lecture at 1pm, concert at 2pm, and a post-concert private reception at 3:30pm.  Tickets are $40. A sign-up sheet was circulated. Contact Ted or Diane with questions.

The next board meeting will be held on Monday, February 12, at 5pm, at Alpha Core Capital.  All members are welcome to attend.

The next La Jolla Rotary Foundation board meeting will be held Tuesday, February 13, at 5pm, at La Valencia Hotel.  Ted Rutter will chair this meeting, and all club members are welcome to attend.

The following is an update of April events relating to the Club’s scholarship program:

  • Scholarship applications from graduating high school seniors are due by Friday, April 23, 2018.
  • Scholarship reapplications from college students are due by Friday, April 9, 2018.
  • Rotary members begin volunteering to interview applicants, April 3, 2018 (interviews to be conducted in May).

Club members are invited to help interview high school students that have applied to attend the upcoming RYLA conference. For details contact Craig Schniepp.

At the Tuesday, February 27, Club meeting the program will be the Rotary 4 Way Speech Contest. Speakers will be La Jolla High students.  Please be sure to attend.

President John announced that The Bishop’s School hosted Ambassador Caroline Kennedy (daughter of J.F.K.) on campus for two days last week. During her residency at the school, Ambassador Kennedy spoke to a crowd of 1,100, visited classrooms and strongly urged students to include a commitment to serve others as a significant part of their lives.

Alyse Banks: Who Am I?


New member Alyse Banks was born in Australia, and moved to Hong Kong at age 5. Her father was Commissioner of Taxation there, and she attended an “amazing” school with lots of international students. After completing school, Alyse did some modeling in Hong Kong. She was a frequent listener to American radio personality Kasey Kasum and felt that she was destined to come to America. And come to America she did. She married an American and worked with her husband, as well as owning her own flower business for 16 years. Alyse joined La Jolla Rotary under the professional classification of Human Resources, though a career in real estate might be in her future.

Happy Bucks:


Dave Weston gave a brief history of Club members’ occasional voluntary contributions to our Club coffers, which are made during Club meetings and often celebrate some notable event in a Club member’s life (the birth of a grandchild; a career success; the athletic success of a member’s alma mater; etc.)   These are no longer referred to as “fines”, but continue to be an important source of funds to support worthy Club programs. Also, from these contributions we learn interesting things about the non-Rotary lives of our fellow members, which helps us feel closer to one another.  Not infrequently, if a Club member’s photo appears in a local paper, our Club President will call upon the Club member for explanatory comment (accompanied of course by the hint that a contribution to the Club will be appropriated.)  In keeping with the Club’s “getting your picture in the paper will cost you” custom, a photo of Dave Weston playing high school basketball, which appeared in the February 6, 1966, edition of The La Jolla Light, was produced, followed by a predictable lightening of Dave’s wallet.

Chuck Marsh made a contribution thanking Dave Weston for his remarks and historical perspective.

Kate Adams agreed to contribute $100, with the condition that President Trifiletti (and SurfBeat reporters) agree to use Roman numerals – – just like the Super Bowl – – in reference to Club meetings. President Trif readily accepted this challenge, as did this week’s SurfBeat reporters and editor. (Note the opening paragraph of this issue of SurfBeat)

Speaker: Peter Seidler


President elect-elect Charles Hartford introduced speaker Peter Seidler, who is the managing partner of the group that has owned the San Diego Padres since 2012. Seidler’s presentation covered three main topics: the community of La Jolla, the Padres, and homelessness in San Diego.

La Jolla: Seidler, having moved happily here from Los Angeles (along with his wife and two young children), expressed considerable fondness for La Jolla’s pace of life and culture, and described La Jolla as a notably favorable place to raise his children.

The Padres:  Seidler expressed a firm commitment to keep the team in San Diego as long as he is owner, and stated the goal to win a World Series championship within 10 years.

Homelessness:  Seidler expressed a strong commitment to address San Diego’s homeless problem.  He stated his belief that there currently exist sufficient resources to reduce dramatically all causes of homelessness (including those related to battered women, mental illness, substance abuse, alcohol and PTSD), but observed that coordination among the various public and private agencies/entities administering these resources has been lacking.  Accordingly, Seidler’s current efforts strive to coordinate various efforts to help the homeless, all within the confines of a rational and well-defined business plan. Seidler sees hope for the future, and predicted that San Diego homelessness will decrease next year and will continue to decrease in future years thereafter.

President John Trifiletti closed the meeting with a quote (appropriately) by baseball great Yogi Berra: “Baseball is ninety percent mental, and the other half is physical.”


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 Reported by Dave Weston and Susan Stevens. Photos by David Shaw and Susan Stevens. Edited by Diane Salisbury.

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