The Surf Beat: January 22nd, 2019

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January 22nd , 2019 

President Kevin Quinn called the meeting to order and welcomed fellow Rotarians and guests to the Rotary Club of La Jolla.

Inspiration:Chuck Marsh, in light of the Martin Luther King Jr holiday on January 21, shared inspirational messages from Dr. King.

Pledge: Sue Ball

Song: Cindy Goodman, “God bless America”

New member induction:

Janice Vasquez, sponsored by Ted Rutter, was inducted into our club by President Kevin Quinn,and given her red badge. Welcome, Janice!

Alison Brown Rotary Benefit Concert

This past Saturday’s Alison Brown Rotary Benefit Concert at the Athenaeum, organized by Pat Stouffer, was a huge success and enjoyed by everyone who attended. The show was sold out. Kevin Quinn extended his thanks to the volunteers that served as box office, ushers and bartenders. Unfortunately, Pat could not attend as he had to undergo a medical procedure.  Kevin reported that Pat is doing fine and expected to return to Rotary soon.

Alison Brown (left), Athenaeum Executive Director Erika Torri, Barbara Brown

Don and MaryAnn Lincoln enjoy the concert from the “loge” section.


  • Susan Rutan, chairperson of our Club’s International Service Committee, updated us on a proposed service project in Puerto Rico. Our Club would partner with SBP, a nationally recognized non-profit disaster and recovery organization, to adopt a family in need and provide home repairs and other assistance following the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria in 2017. The 5-day trip would be in early April or late May. Travel costs, including hotel, are expected to be about $1500 per person. Anyone interested in working with Susan on this project can contact her at Susan also suggested checking out the February edition of The Rotarian, which has a cover story onPuerto Rico’s long road to recovery and how Rotarians are helping.
  • President Kevin announced that at the 5-Way meeting last week, Rotary International and Rotary District 5340 recognized Cindy andTomGoodmanwith the International Ambassador Couple Award for their work in Rotary.
  • David Weston and Susan Stevens said aloha as they head to Hawaii in anticipation of their wedding on February 23, 2019. Congratulations and best wishes to them.

  • President-elect Charles Hartford will be attending the President-Elect Training Seminar (PETS) on February 8-10, 2019. PETS is mandatory training for President-elects.
  • The 8thAnnual District 5340/Kroc School Peace Forum is on Saturday, February 23rdfrom 8 AM- 12 Noon at the Joan Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice at the University of San Diego. This event is free of charge.
  • Rotarians at Work Day is on April 27, 2019. Judy Nelson is soliciting ideas from Club members for a worthy project in La Jolla.
  • The 2019 District Conference is from March 1- 3, 2019 at the Catamaran Hotel in Pacific Beach.
  • The 2019 Rotary Foundation Gala is on April 29, 2019.
  • The La Jolla Music Society’s concert with pianist George Li is on Sunday, April 14, 2019 at 3 PM.This is during the opening week of The Conrad in La Jolla.  Tickets are $38.  We have put a deposit down for 40 tickets.  If you have not already signed up and are interested in attending, please talk to Sally Fuller.
  • Sally Fuller shared very sad news about one of her son’s being diagnosed with cancer of the kidneys. Our thoughts and prayers are with Sally and her family.
  • Kevin Quinn relayed news from former Rotary Club of La Jolla member Cal Mann, who is currently serving in the Peace Corps in Stip, Macedonia. Cal says an official partnership between Rotary Clubs of Macedonia and Peace Corps Macedonia has developed. Beyond the formal Memorandum of Understanding, they are forging a future where Peace Corps volunteers will work very closely with local Rotary Clubs. Recently, with two Stip Rotary club leaders, Cal visited a public elementary school and the local public library. Cal handed out boxes of books purchased, in part, with funds donated by Rotary Club of La Jolla. The labels on the books indicate our joint donation.This project has helped establish the relatively new Stip Rotary Club as an important contributor to the Stip educational community. The project was covered by a local TV news crew.  In a couple of weeks, Cal plans a joint meeting between the Rotary Club of Stip and a local teen community service club that he is mentoring.  It will provide an opportunity for each club to share their work, and help plant a seed in the minds of future Rotaractors and Rotarians.  Cal thanks our club for its support.

Happy Bucks:

  • Cindy Goodman donated as she finished the final phase of her treatment. She is also happy because her daughter’s dog that was staying with them is now back with her daughter.

  • Chuck Marsh donated in honor of our newest member, Janice Vasquez, who graciously gave one of her tickets to Chuck’s guest for the Alison Brown concert.
  • Claude Rosinsky donated to honor the parents of Alison Brown for a great concert.
  • Dick Woltman donated to match Cindy Goodman’s
  • Sid Stutz donated in honor of the Alison Brown concert.

Guest Speaker: Claire LeBeau, STAR/PAL

Charles Hartford introduced today’s speaker, Claire LeBeau, who is the Executive Director at STAR/PAL. Charles prefaced his introduction by relaying information he learned at a lunch last week with San Diego Chief of Police David Nisleit. The City of Tijuana is roughly the same population as the City of San Diego. However, last year in Tijuana there were 2,508 homicides vs 34 in San Diego.  San Diego is considered one of the safest cities to live in.  The reason is the good relationship the citizens enjoy with our police department — a model for other cities across the nation and the world.  Part of that good relationship begins with kids and building a relationship with law enforcement that ensures a positive experience.  Claire LeBeau spoke of the role STAR/PAL plays to empower these kids.

Ms. LeBeau has been the Executive Director for STAR/PAL for 4 years.  She joined the organization in 2012 as Program Partnership and Resource Coordinator.   Her passion for our community and public safety led to her rapid rise within the organization.  She is from San Diego and comes from a background in athletics, having played lacrosse at Santa Clara University.  She previously worked in the San Diego State University Athletic Department in marketing and development.  She has worked in public safety and as a lifeguard in Del Mar.  She is also a certified EMT (Emergency Medical Technician).

STAR/PAL is a San Diego-based nonprofit organization founded in 1988 and redefined in 1998.  It has a unique structure and programs that demonstrate a nationally recognized model of police and community collaboration.  Initially two separate entities, the San Diego PAL (Police Athletic League) chapter was founded in 1988 and primarily served county areas, whereas the STAR (Sports Training, Academics and Recreation) organization came into existence in 1993 to focus its efforts within the city boundaries. The two organizations merged to form STAR/PAL in 1998, representing an alignment of city, county and community efforts.  The unification of programs, staff, volunteers and the Board of Directors sought to ensure that all youth in the region have similar opportunities to participate in and reap the benefits of youth programming with law enforcement and public safety officers as well as community leaders.

The mission of STAR/PAL is to empower under-served and at-risk youth to build a safer and more prosperous community by engaging with law enforcement and collaborative partners. All STAR/PAL youth programs are free of charge and feature law enforcement officers serving as positive role models.  The programs collectively focus on promoting youth safety through crime and violence prevention education, youth empowerment through civic engagement and enrichment activities, leadership development, healthy lifestyle choices, violence prevention, athletic skills training, mentoring and excursion opportunities. Every year, thousands of youth from inner-city neighborhoods participate in these programs.

The National Police Athletics/Activities Leagues, Inc. exists to prevent juvenile crime and violence by providing civic, athletic, recreational and educational opportunities and resources to PAL chapters.  In addition to other resources, National PAL provides chapter members opportunities to bring their young athletes together to compete in a championship environment in several sports.  Based on the conviction that young people, if they are reached early enough, can develop strong positive attitudes towards police officers that will help their journey toward maturity and good citizenship.


President Closing Quote:

“Happy is the man who finds a true friend, and far happier is he who finds that true friend in his wife.”

Franz Schubert


Surf Beat:

 Reported by Shabnam Miglani. Photos By Shabnam Miglani, David Shaw and Diane Salisbury.  Edited by Diane Salisbury.

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