The Surf Beat: March 26th, 2019

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March 26th, 2019

President Quinn called the meeting to order at 12:30pm and welcomed members and guests and noted how fortunate we are to hold our meetings in the beautiful La Valencia Hotel overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Inspiration: Femie Culpit shared an inspiration from her sister club in the Philipines.  She read a poem about being an angel on earth.

Pledge: Bill Bohme led the club in the Pledge of Allegiance to the US flag.

Song: John Donaldson started the club in singing the Star Spangled Banner.

Visiting Rotarian:  Hank Morgan from Rotary Club 45 attended our meeting.

Guests: Mariana Pecora, daughter of Bob Pecora, joined our meeting.  Many members commented that they’ve watched this lovely lady group up over the years of her father’s participation in the club.


Craig Schniepp discussed the Tijuana, Mexico home build on April 6th and asked for donations and volunteers.  He noted that 27 people have already signed up – most from the local Interact Club.  Craig also showed the club the new team shirts for his Rotary youth groups. Everyone was very impressed.

RYLA will be held April 12-14 and they are still in need of a doctor for that event.  Please contact Mike Metts at 619-417-6304 or email at if you know a doctor that could fulfill this needed position.  The youth from this wonderful event will be at our meeting on April 16th.

President Quinn welcomed back Claude Rosinsky who has been out for a few weeks. It was so lovely to see her.

Bill Burch announced that Saturday, April 27th, La Jolla Rotary volunteers will be working to beautify the hanging flower pots around the Village.  About 20 people have signed up. See Bill Burch if you are interested in joining this wonderful project.

Cindy Goodman discussed our club’s involvement in the La Jolla Half Marathon on April 28thand she is looking for more volunteers.  A sign-up sheet went around.  Contact Cindy if you are interested in working this event.

Charles Hartford reminded the club that this Saturday, March 30th, is Rotary District Training.  This training only happens once a year and is a wonderful way to learn more about our organization.

President Quinn also announced that our District 5340 will be having a fellowship gathering at a Padres game on April 16that 6:10pm as the Padres take on the Colorado Rockies.  Before the game, District Governor Mel Gallegos will throw out the first pitch and there will be the annual Rotary Flag Raising Ceremony.  Purchase deadline for these tickets is April 1st. Also, the Foundation Gala is April 29th.  Check the District 5340 News Bits for more information.

President Kevin also discussed the La Jolla Music Society’s Georgi Li Piano concert on Sunday, April 14th.  It is the opening week of The Conrad and tickets are $38.

President Quinn recently received an email from Rotary International asking for help in support of Malawi to support families after Cyclone Idai devastated parts of Southern Africa in the countries of Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe.  The crisis is getting worse.  The Board will discuss a possible $1000 Shelter Box donation.

Jane Relden reported that she visited with John Todd and he is doing well.

President Quinn decided to assess his first fine as the club’s president to Bob Schroeder for his repeated bragging about having tickets for the Final Four NCAA Tournament.  Bob donated $500 towards this fine!

Happy Bucks:

Bob Pecora gave happy bucks in appreciation for the Strive Scholarship program and asked for interviewers for Garfield High School scholarship applicants.  This is a wonderful program to help underserved youth in our county by providing an opportunity to go to college.

Cindy Goodman congratulated Bill Burch for a recent concert he participated in and sang his praises.  She also attended an event with Nico Marcolongo who is the head of Challenged Athletes.  Nico received its annual Community Hero award from KPBS for his work with and advocacy on behalf of disabled military veterans. Nico was interviewed by the station’s Bob Lawrence before attendees were invited to discuss how San Diegans could better help returning veterans to reintegrate…both socially and professionally… with the civilian community.  Nico mentioned that we need to move from a “Me” to a “We” attitude.  Cindy said it was a truly heartwarming and inspiring event.

Don Lincoln gave happy bucks in honor of his Duke basketball team reaching the Sweet 16.

Aaron Hoffman also donated happy bucks for his Michigan State team’s Sweet 16 accomplishment



Charles Hartford welcomed Jodi Rudick as our speaker of the day. Jodi is the newly appointed Executive Director of the La Jolla Village Merchants Association (LJVMA).  Rudick, who most recently managed publicity and promotions for the Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center, has also handled marketing for public agencies and worked in the small-business development department for the City of Anaheim.

Jodi is a vivacious and fiery red head and has a contagious passion for La Jolla. Jodi noted that she was impressed with the warm welcome from our club and truly appreciated that.  Hergoal is to make sure that locals as well tourists know about the treasure that is this community.  La Jolla has been known to be up tight and stuffy in the past, and she hopes to change that image to one of a vibrant and fun community to visit.

She noted that this is a dream job for her as it combines her experience in the public sector with her entrepreneurial spirit.  She has already engaged with our club to help develop the Village Hanging Baskets project.

Her main mission is to bring more business to the merchants in La Jolla Village and noted that our own Laurnie Durisoe is on the LJVMA board. Her vision is to generate new revenue streams and noted that all merchants with a business license in the Village are assessed a fee – and her intention is to provide value for those fees.

She disclosed that the number one complaint she hears is about parking and they are looking into that, however, also noted that we are fortunate to have such a jewel location that everyone wants to flock to.  She also noted that her team is looking at the professionalism of our merchants and providing training to help improve first impressions.

She is also working on Design & Ambiance with things like safe lighting.  And Promotion & Marketing are a big passion for her.  She wants to create an environment of having a very full social calendar of fun things going on in the Village.  She has developed an interactive website to list social and public events.  That is Anyone can submit an event – all designed to motivate visitors to venture into the Village.  Jodi noted that a large percentage of people go to the Park and Cove, and never walk up the hill to the Village.  She wants to change that with her “Enjoya La Jolla” campaign.

One event on the horizon is the La Jolla Village Shop, Sip and Stroll that will start May 11thand continue every Second Saturday each month. It is from 3-7pm and gives everyone an opportunity to shop, sip on a beverage and stroll along the beautiful La Jolla Village streets.  The goal is to bring new customers to merchants.

She then answered members’ questions.

President Quinn thanked Ms Rudick and announced our club would make a donation to our scholarship fund in her honor.

President Kevin ended the meeting with this quote “It was only a sunny smile, and little it cost in the giving, but like morning light it scattered the night and made the day worth living.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald.  The Rotary bell was run and the meeting adjourned.


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