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May 14th, 2019

President Kevin Quinn welcomed fellow Rotarians and guests to the Rotary Club of La Jolla, and called upon Ken King to deliver the day’s inspiration.

Inspiration: Ken King gave thanks for Rotary fellowship

Pledge: Dave Brockett

Song: The Pat StoufferBob Teaff duo: “America the Beautiful”


  • Wade Aschbrenner could still use more Rotarians to help interview the 10 scholarship finalists. They will be meeting this Saturday, May 18 at California Properties in La Jolla from 8:15-11:30am. Pat Stouffer explained that $175,000 in scholarships will be awarded this year, with $100K of that coming from the Florence Riford Foundation and the balance from the Club’s Foundation. The average scholarship amount per student is $5000-$6000. The STRIVE and Tijuana Scholars Lab scholarships are funded separately.

  • 2019 Governors Dinner will be at the La Jolla Marriott – June 27th at 6pm – where Charles Hartford will be sworn in as the new Club President.
  • John Hoss updatedmembers on our Club’s sponsorship of La Jolla Youth Baseball. Our sponsorship is for $1000 and helps cover the cost of equipment and facilities. We sponsor the Mustang Club, and they finished 2ndthis year. John gave a heads-up on a planned social outing sometime in July or August to attend a Padres game. The cost will be about $100 per guest for seating in a ballpark suite and include food and drink. More information to come.

  • Past President John Trifiletti announced, by way of President Kevin, that “the highly secretive demotion committee will gather immediately following today’s meeting. The committee has opted NOT to draft articles of impeachment.”

La Jolla History: The “Other” Scripps Sister

Kevin Quinn shared historical tidbits about Eliza “Virginia” Scripps, the half-sister to famed La Jolla benefactor Ellen Browning Scripps. Though her name isn’t on oceanographic institutions or local hospitals, “Miss Virginia” was philanthropic in her own right. She donated nine acres of land to The Bishop’s School for its construction in the early 1900s, as well as land for the construction of St. James By-the-Sea Episcopal Church. Despite these gifts, Virginia is better remembered for her colorful contributions to local lore. She was devoutly religious, yet outspoken and foul-mouthed. A free-spirited bohemian, she was not afraid to walk down the street “dressed like a purple peacock,” according to one historian. Her eccentricities included not allowing trees on Bishop’s property for years because she considered their shedding of leaves “dirty,” and taking the Lord’s name in vain, as she swore at noisy workers during the construction of St. James. To learn more about Virginia Scripps and other memorable La Jolla women, Kevin recommends the current La Jolla Historical Society’s exhibition, “Tangible Memories: Recollections of La Jolla Pioneer Women.”

Happy Bucks

Bob Pecora was happy to be sitting next to Dick Woltman and donated in honor of the American Dream, epitomized by our Club’s STRIVE scholarships for at-risk high school students that are given financial assistance to be first in their family to attend college. Jane Reldan, who helped interview the scholarship candidates, agreed with Bob’s assessment of STRIVE, saying she “felt like a true Rotarian.”

Rich Velasquez recounted a story of goodwill when he witnessed the manager of a Del Taco downtown at 11thand B treat a homeless person with human dignity.

Speaker: Shari Storm, author and Rotarian, “Building Productive & Positive Teams Through Strategic Leadership”

Charles Hartford introduced our speaker, Shari Storm, who spoke about how her experience as a Mom of three girls made her a better manager and served as the basis of her how-to book for being a better boss. Ms. Storm spent 16 years as an executive at Seattle-area Verity Credit Union, where she oversaw marketing, IT, sales, investment services, innovation and strategy. Among her proudest business accomplishments are being named an Innovator of the Decadeby Net.Banker, heading a successful Verity Mom campaign, being the first financial corporate blogger in the U.S., and developing a financial counseling system that saved the credit union millions of dollars during the financial crises. She published her first book, Motherhood is theNew MBA: Using Your Parenting Skills to be a Better Boss,in 2009 through St. Martin’s Press. With almost 7,000 copies sold, it has been translated into Mandarin and is published in four countries. The book has received publicity in Timeand Redbookmagazines, Martha Stewart’s radio, BusinessWeekonline, the Costco Connectionand the cover of the Metro News New York, to name a few. Ms. Storm received her undergraduate degree from University of Washington and her MBA from Seattle University. She is also a graduate of the three-year CUES CEO Institute and of Verity University.

Lessons shared:

  • You can’t fight human nature – whether dealing with 2-year-olds at home or 20-year-olds in the office.
  • Traditional management training uses metaphors such as “battles” or “sports” that many women don’t relate to. Changing the metaphor to family makes it easier for women to see themselves in a leadership role and introduces empathy into management style.
  • It’s not what’s measured that gets done, it’s what’s fun that gets done. Find ways to increase staff productivity and happiness by building upon what they enjoy most about their jobs.

President’s Quote:

Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”— Will Rogers


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 Reported by Diane Salisbury. Photos by Shabnam Miglani. Edited by Diane Salisbury.

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