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October 16th, 2018

President Kevin Quinn welcomed fellow Rotarians and guests to the Rotary Club of La Jolla.

Inspiration:Bill Burch talked about the real reason we attend Rotary meetings; it is for the friendships that we have developed and nurtured over the years and for Rotary fellowship.  In fact, studies have linked friendships to health benefits.

Pledge:Ed Mracek

Song:Will Creekmur, “God Bless America”

Rotary Welcomed….

  • Tina Jenkins from Club 33 in downtown San Diego.Her daughter participated in the LEAD conference, and she came to support her.
  • Lisa Norwood from Club 36 in Rochester, New York, is an Assistant Dean of the School of Engineering at the University of Rochester.
  • Kathleen Pritscher has attended a few meetings and will be a regular member by the next meeting.
  • Grace Abdo came as a guest of Dirk Harris, but received an eloquent introduction from new friend Bill Burch. She is a professional caterer and has been living in the village for the past three years. Grace is interested in joining our club to make new friends and get involved in community service.
  • Christy Wilson attended as a guest of Diane Salisbury and is the Executive Director of the Rancho Santa Fe Foundation.


  • Judy Nelson presented Claire Reiss with a Thank-you gift on behalf of the club for hosting our annual fundraiser, “Laughing Under the Stars,” in her beautiful home.
  • Will Creekmur announced that the Rotary club of Del Mar has their annual event on Saturday, October 20th. All are invited.

Happy Bucks:

  • Claude Rosinsky donated $50 to honor Deb Plotkin for her extraordinary achievement in starting U-Touch to help people in Uganda. She congratulated Deb for a successful fundraiser last weekend.
  • Leanne MacDougall was happy for modern medicine.She underwent chemotherapy during the summer and is now in remission.  She also had a spinal fusion that was successful. She is now virtually pain free.
  • Elyse Banks donated $20 for Deb Plotkin’s successful event, which she was unable to attend due to a fall (she’s OK now).
  • Bill Birch will be singing with the San Diego Master Chorale, the choral masterpiece Ein Deutsches Requiem(“A German Requiem”). The piece will be accompanied by two Steinway grand pianos and will take place at Point Loma Presbyterian Church on Sunday, October 21stat 4 PM and at 6 PM on October 28that First Presbyterian Church.

Live Auction:

Auction items left over from the “Laughing Under the Stars” Gala were auctioned off by Judy Nelson’s guest, Darren Diess, who was a visiting Rotarian and auctioneer from Temecula. Thanks to winning bids by Claude Rosinsky, Peter Nguyen, and guestTina Jenkins, several hundred dollars were raised to add to Gala proceeds.

LEAD Presentation

Eileen Jolly introduced eighth-grade students from The Bishops School and Muirlands Middle School, who participated in the LEAD program this past weekend. Parents and administrators from the two schools also attended today’s meeting in support of the students and to hear their presentation. Each student spoke about how they were inspired by the different speakers and the activities they were involved in at the LEAD camp.

Speaker: Dr. Samuel L. Popkin, Professor of Political Science at UC San Diego


Peter Nguyen introduced the day’s speaker. Dr. Samuel L. Popkin is a Professor of Political science at the University of California in San Diego.  He has also been a consulting analyst in presidential campaigns, serving as consultant to the Clinton campaign on polling and strategy, to the CBS News election units from 1983 to 1990 on survey design and analysis, and more recently, in the Gore campaign. He has served as consultant to political parties in Canada and in Europe and to the Departments of State and Defense.  His most recent book is The Reasoning Voter: Communication and Persuasion in Presidential Campaigns.  Earlier, he co-authored Issues and Strategies: The Computer Simulation of Presidential Campaignsand co-edited Chief of Staff: Twenty-five Years of Managing the Presidency.  Dr. Popkin is noted for his work as a pollster.

Dr. Popkin, who declared himself a Democrat, spoke about this year being a “wave election,” when a big change is expected. These waves create instability. His research shows that women appear to be more interested in the mid-terms than they have been in the past, and more interested than an equivalent group of men, which is unusual. This year looks like a big Democratic wave in the mid-terms.  That prediction may change if Trump gets a North Korea deal or other major foreign policy coup before the mid-terms.

Dr. Popkin has also written about how polling, strategy and even a candidate’s platform are less important than his/her organization – i.e., how the candidate parcels out authority, how his or her staff manages the candidate’s time and attention, and whether the candidate’s campaign can respond quickly to the chaos and shifting demands of his/her party.

He suggested that people voted for Donald Trump because they disliked Hillary Clinton, and they thought, since Trump was a businessman, he would know how to fix things that were going wrong in our country.

President Kevin closed the meeting with the following quote:

 “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein


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 Reported by Shabnam Miglani.  Photos By Susan Rutan. Edited by Diane Salisbury.

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