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October 17th, 2017


L.Fisher invocation

Invocation: Lora Fisher’s invocation was inspired by two presidents of different parties

  • Republican Abraham Lincoln: “When I do good, I feel good; when I do bad, I feel bad. That is my religion.”
  • Democrat Harry S. Truman: “It’s remarkable how much you can accomplish if you don’t care who gets the credit.”

Pledge: Charles Hartford

Song: Aaron Hoffman recalled his UCLA days when he played in a jazz band. In 1958, Louis Armstrong came to campus and Aaron’s band played back-up for the singer. In Satchmo’s memory, we sang “What a Wonderful World.”

Aaron Hoffman leads the Song

Rotary Welcomed

Jeanmarie Luker joined us from Rotary Club of Coronado. Nikhil Kumar was a guest of Dr. Jane Reldan. We welcomed Jennifer Gorman, who is on the Board of La Jolla Women’s Club and came as Sally Fuller’s guest. Bill Burch introduced his mother, Diane. She is visiting from Houston, where her home survived the Hurricane intact. Kim Johnson, formerly of Virginia, has recently retired and is interested in Rotary’s international work.

Guest Kim Johnson

President John Trifiletti announced that we were reversing the meeting’s order to accommodate our guest speaker’s change of schedule.

Triff and Speaker

Speaker: Henri Migala, “Global Polio Eradication Efforts”

Kevin Quinn introduced our guest speaker (and Rotarian from the Torrey Pines Club), Henri Migala. Born in Paris, France, Mr. Migala has a master’s degree in anthropology, a master’s in public health, and a doctorate in higher education leadership. He joined UC San Diego in February 2013 as the Director of the International House, a living/learning community of 350 students from nearly 40 countries. Mr. Migala’s talk was on Rotary’s efforts to eradicate polio on a global scale, the history, the obstacles, and the successes. It’s an effort in which he has had first-hand experience. Highlights of his presentation:

  • Polio is an ancient disease, with first records seen in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.
  • Polio attacks the nerve system and can cause total paralysis in a matter of hours; most commonly occurs in children 3 and under.
  • Obstacles to worldwide eradication:
    • Polio is asymptomatic for most carriers. For every 200 people infected, only 1 will exhibit the disease, but all who carry the disease can infect others.
    • In Third World countries, cultural and religious objections can interfere with immunization. Distrust of Western health workers led to a resurgence of polio cases over the last decade in Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan.
    • Lack of qualified health workers to administer injectable (safest) vaccine. Switch to oral vaccine has improved the ability to immunize larger numbers, though it is a live vaccine and will infect 1 in every 2.5 million vaccinated.

Guest Speaker

In 1988, the World Health Organization successfully convinced nations of the world to make eradication of polio a priority. At the time, there were 350,000 known cases. In 1991, polio was gone from the Western Hemisphere. By 2003, worldwide cases were down to 500.


  • John Trifiletti announced that the Club’s Past Presidents will meet directly after the end of today’s regular Rotary meeting.
  • Zeke Knight asked the Club’s assistance in finding storage space for St. James By-the-Sea’s annual “Elephant Sale” items. Space is needed for the four months leading up to the February event.
  • Russell King reminded all that today’s the deadline for ads and sponsorships for the Laughing Under the Stars Gala booklet. Late sponsors will be accepted but there’s no guarantee they’ll make it into the Gala booklet.
  • Penny Shurtleff reminded us that the League House holiday party is on December 7 at 6:30pm. She will let the club know of her volunteer needs closer to the event

Burt Housman: Who Am I/What Do I Do?

Burt began by offering the Club the “good news” that despite his own political leanings, and that of one daughter, everyone else in his immediate, extended and even very distant family are Republicans. Burt spent his most significant working years as a teacher. He taught middle school and high school (his real love) and also taught at the college level. Along the way, there are three things that he learned and would like to pass along:

  1. Be wary of anyone who puts himself in the center of what’s going on (as if everything revolves around him or her).
  2. Teaching is not about telling, showing or demonstrating. It’s about temptation. Successful teachers tempt students to learn more.
  3. The worst most corrupting lies are problems poorly stated.

Happy Bucks

Claude Rosinsky gave happy/not-so-happy bucks to tell her tale of a forced vacation from her home at The Grande Del Mar. Someone has bought out the hotel for an event, and she will have to temporarily relocate to the Rancho Santa Fe Inn. She plans to write a letter, suggesting the person who has inconvenienced her and others make a contribution to Rotary. (It was later suggested by Ken King that Burt Housman put his oratory skills to pen and paper, and assist in the letter writing.). Claire Reiss gave happy bucks to note the 100th anniversary of the appearance of the Lady of Fatima. Penny Shurtleff shared her concerns about her former Rotary Club in Santa Rosa. Several members that she keeps in touch with have lost their homes to the wildfires. She hasn’t been able to reach the Club directly. She asked if our Club could help the Santa Rosa Rotary once its needs are known. John Trifiletti informed the club that Judy Nelson is looking into ways in which we can support fire relief efforts, and that the Board has already approved a Shelter Box for hurricane relief.

John Trifiletti concluded the meeting with a quote from Charlie Chaplin: “A day without laughter is a day wasted.”

Up Next Week: 

Speaker Justice Judith McConnell, Administrative Presiding Justice, and LEAD students and their parents.


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