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November 7th 2017 


President John Trifiletti welcomed us to the 17th meeting of the Rotary Year and congratulated everyone on a very successful “Laughing Under the Stars” event on Saturday night, November 4th.

Invocation: Ken Lundgren offered a quote from Mother Teresa and a Chinese proverb.

Mother Teresa: “The Simple Path”

Silence is Prayer

Prayer is Faith

Faith is Love

Love is Service

The fruit of Service is Peace

Chinese Proverb: The best time to plant a tree…was twenty years ago. The second best time is now.

Pledge: Randy Mulch

Song: “Let It Snow,” enthusiastically led by Penny Shurtleff assisted by John Todd

Rotary Welcomed

Darren Diess, guest of Judy Nelson, visited from the Temecula Rotary. Rotarian Peter Walhams joined us from his club in the U.K. Pia Casarini is a visiting Rotarian from Fermo, Italy. Nicholas McClusky, who is interested in joining the Club, attended as a guest of Russell King.


11-7-17-Lora photo

Lora Fisher and Russell King thanked everyone for their support of this year’s fundraising gala, Laughing Under the Stars.  They acknowledged Immediate Past President Ken King, who during his term, came up with the idea of the Comedy Gala, and thanked Bill Burch for blazing the trail as that first Gala’s Chair. Special thanks were given to the numerous Rotarians who made the event possible: 

  • Judy Nelson and Susan Rutan chaired the silent auction with the help of their fabulous team: Laurnie Durisoe, Camille McKinnie, Craig Schniepp and Deb Plotkin.
  • Ken King signed up a record number of sponsorships.
  • Ticket sales were handled by Kevin Quinn and Dave Brockett.
  • Catering was arranged by Mark Dibella and La Valencia Hotel.
  • Event publicity was handled by Peter Nguyen and Cindy Goodman.
  • The program booklet was put together by Diane Salisbury.
  • Will Creekmur and Elyse Banks served as Greeters and managed the Check-In table.
  • Our Tijuana coordinator was Pat Stouffer, who made several trips to the Tijuana Rotary, engaging several members to attend and securing Mexico-inspired auction items.

Check out the photos from the event below!

John Trifiletti thanked Russell and Lora, announcing that the event netted $77,000 for Rotary’s Scholarship funds. Claire Reiss was thanked for graciously opening her home to the event. In gratitude, she was presented with a Paul Harris Fellowship pin and an orchid arrangement.


John noted that a few late-arriving auction items did not make it into the Gala’s Silent Auction, but it’s never too late to make a bid! He called up visitor Darren Diess, a professional auctioneer, and an impromptu auction was held for the few remaining items, earning another $1000 or so for the Gala.


In other announcements: Penny Shurtleff reminded the Club of the upcoming League House Holiday Party on Thursday, December 7th at Darlington House. John Trifiletti reminded all that Rotary will have its Holiday Party on Tuesday evening, December 5 at La Valencia. There will be no lunch meeting that day.

Happy Bucks:


Jane Reldan gave $100 in honor of Milton Sens, who is recovering from his collapse at the Gala. Davis Cracroft, who came to Milt’s rescue at the event along with others, was also grateful for Milt’s recovery, and gave $91 dollars to match Milt’s age. Angela Palidor also gave $100 in honor of Milt.

Tijuana Home Build:

This coming Saturday, November 11 is our Tijuana Home Build with Interact students and parents from La Jolla High.
Please contact Craig Schniepp if you would like to volunteer.
His email is:
Here is some information on who we new building the home for:

Maria del Rosario Chavez – widow, 63, sells bread on the streets,  daughter Mireya Grajeda Chavez, 28, sells bread with her mother, son/grandson, 13 yrs, student, daughter Jimena Aragon, 3 yrs old.


Speaker: Sally Carrillo, Customs and Border Protection


President-elect Kevin Quinn introduced Sally Carrillo, Assistant Port Director for passenger entry at San Ysidro port of entry. She is a member of Customs and Border Protection, not the Border Patrol.

She has been honored for multiple volunteer activities in the community. Sally was the youngest of 11 children (2 older sisters; then 8 brothers, who profoundly influenced her). She started working in San Ysidro in 1988 as an immigration officer. That port now handles 60,000 vehicle crossings/day and 30,000 pedestrian crossings/day. As a volunteer, Sally specializes in working with Latino girls. She grew up in the ‘60s in Barrio Logan, at a time when a lot of gangs were being formed. Her family supported her and set strict rules, and her 8 brothers looked out for her.  She feels that our country is much safer today than it was at the time of 9/11.  Computer lists track everyone who enters the country and notes who they are travelling with. There are still challenges in figuring out how to document exits from our country, possibly leading to future collaboration with Mexican customs on who is entering there.

Otay Mesa was the pilot site for testing of Sentry and ultimately Global Entry, which combines Sentry and the Canadian Trusted Traveler System.  Sally was involved in that program from the beginning.


Customs and border agents develop instincts about people, and know when something doesn’t seem right. To illustrate, and using Burt Housmann as a prop, she told a story of a ‘homeboy” entering at San Isidro, who wore a long shirt over his trousers. She was suspicious, and asked him to lift up his shirt. She saw an unusual bulge around the waist of his pants. She patted it and asked, “what’s that”?  He said “that’s my ‘you know what’. Do you want to see it?”  She replied “Yes!” The bulge turned out to be a pound of heroin.

John Trifiletti thanked our guest speaker and concluded the meeting with the parable of the chicken and the pig: One day the chicken decides that the two should start a restaurant. The pig is intrigued by the idea and says, “That sounds great. I’m an entrepreneurial type of hog. I’m sick of working for the farmer. But what are we going to call the restaurant?” The chicken thinks. Then she scratches and pecks at the dirt and suggests, “Ham and Eggs!” To which the pig replies, “No thanks, for me that’s a commitment. You’d only be involved.”

Laughing Under the Stars Photos!


Click here to check out more photos from the event!


Surf Beat:

 Reported by David Shaw. Photos by Bill Burch. Edited by Diane Salisbury.

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