The Surf Beat: March 20th, 2018

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March 20th, 2018


Invocation: Ted Rutter (Ted was delightfully brief, as is his custom)

Pledge: led by Charles Hartford

Song:  “God Bless America,” led by Ken King and Dave Brockett (the latter standing on a chair and waving his arms with considerable enthusiasm)Unknown-2

Rotary Welcomed


Noe Morales, Antonio Torres, Marcela Cueto and David Cash, all members of Rotary Club of Tijuana. Robert Ketron joined us from Towsontowne, Maryland. Robert is a former District Governor and has 34 years of perfect attendance. Jeannie Gleeson, a local real estate professional, was hosted by John Trifiletti.


Diane Salisbury was warmly thanked for arranging for La Jolla Rotarians to attend the wonderful La Jolla Symphony and Chorus performance this past Sunday at Mandeville Auditorium.  Nearly 40 La Jolla Rotarians and guests enjoyed an informative pre-concert lecture, a spectacular performance of Orff’s Carmina Burana (with 275+ performers on stage!) and a congenial post-concert wine and cheese reception also attended by a number of the performers.

Scholarship Chair Wade Aschbrenner gave an update on the Club Scholarship program (we now are entering “Scholarship season.”)  Scholarship interviews will be conducted May 12. Please sign up to be an interviewer, the students you interview will uplift you.

Substituting for Craig Schniepp, Peter Nguyen reminded us that the next Tijuana Home Build will occur April 7.  Members are encouraged either to help build the home or to contribute financial support.

The next Fireside Chat, at which new members (“Red Badgers”) will learn more about Rotary generally and our Club in particular, will be held the evening of Tuesday March 27 at the home of Chuck and Anne Dick.  New members are encouraged to attend.

A special presentation was made relating to La Jolla Rotary’s Tijuana Scholars Program, under which approximately 30 Tijuana students from difficult backgrounds receive weekly instruction in computer skills and English.  The Tijuana Scholars program was founded about 20 years ago by late La Jolla Rotarian John Vaughan, and for many years has been headed up by Club member Dr. David Shaw. President Trifiletti, joined by David Shaw and our four visiting Tijuana Rotarians, confirmed that La Jolla Rotary has committed to contribute $24,000 toward the construction of a dedicated classroom for the Tijuana Scholars students. Our visiting Tijuana Rotarians expressed great gratitude, and stated that the new classroom will have the effect of increasing both the extent and quality of the Tijuana Scholars instruction.

President Trifiletti welcomed Cindy Goodman back from open heart surgery at the Mayo Clinic.  During Cindy’s Mayo Clinic stay, her daughter Whitney stayed at the home of two local Rotarians, whose hospitality was notably gracious.  In gratitude Cindy reaffirmed that she is proud to be a Rotarian.

Nick McCluskey: Who Am I?


New member Nick McCluskey gave his Who Am I? talk.  Nick was born (in 1984) and raised near Milwaukee, and came to San Diego from the Midwest about six years ago with just $3000 in his pocket.  In the ensuing six years, Nick has held nine jobs, and now has landed a promising position as director of business development with a San Diego wealth advisory company, with bright career prospects ahead.  Nick is engaged and will marry next year

Happy Bucks:


  • Contributions honoring and thanking Diane Salisbury for the excellent concert gathering last Sunday were made by Pat Stouffer, Aaron Hoffman, David Shaw, and Dave Weston. Diane contributed happy bucks as she graciously thanked La Jolla Rotarians for their support.
  • Claude Rosinsky expressed her gratitude for the excellent medical care available in our country, and lamented the challenges of trying to provide quality medical care in other countries (particularly Nicaragua).
  • Jane Reldan’s contribution welcomed back Burton Housman, Burton having been unwell.
  • Sally Fuller contributed to highlight the March 29 speech that will be delivered by Dr. Margaret Leinen (head of Scripps Institution of Oceanography) at La Jolla Women’s Club, as part of the “Women in Leadership” speaker series.

Don Lincoln’s contribution celebrated the continued NCAA Tournament success of the Duke men’s basketball team, as well as his grandson’s ascension to Eagle Scout status.

Penny Shurtleff’s contribution made note of her son’s recent medical scare, followed by the welcome news that it was a false alarm.

Tijuana Home Build – April 7th:

Family Ramirez Suarez

Jessica Giovanna Suarez Olayo, 24, Juana Ramirez Castro, 25, Kevin Daniel, 7, Victor Giovanni, 8, Jessica Noami, 9.


Speaker: Dennis DuBard


Kevin Quinn introduced Dennis DuBard, who is lead man in the Communications and Public Relations team at General Dynamics NASSCO (National Steel and Shipbuilding Company.) General Dynamics is the fourth largest defense contractor in the United States, and NASSCO is a significant one of four divisions of General Dynamics.  NASSCO has three principal activities: building ships for the US Navy; building ships for civilian enterprise; and repairing ships.  NASSCO’s shipyard has been located in San Diego’s Barrio Logan since 1944, occupies 86 acres close to the Coronado bridge, has 31,000 employees in San Diego, has a very diverse workforce (10% are military veterans, and for 60% English is not their first language), and is a significant presence in San Diego’s business and industrial life.  NASSCO’s future is bright, with 800-1000 new employees to be hired in the next year for jobs that will provide full benefits and enable non-college graduates to earn $65,000-$70,000 per year (and often more with overtime.)

President’s Closing Quote by Khalil Gibran:

“Generosity is giving more than you can, and pride is taking less than you need.”



Surf Beat:

 Reported by David Weston and Susan Stevens. Photos By Diane Salisbury.  Edited by Diane Salisbury.

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