The Surf Beat: September 18th, 2018

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September 18th, 2018

President Kevin Quinn called the meeting to order at 12:30pm.  He welcomed fellow Rotarians and guests.

Inspiration: Ken Lundgren spoke about “service as joy.”

PledgeCharles Hartford

Song:    Ken King and John Trifiletti, God Bless America

Rotary Welcomed…

Several guests attended to hear the day’s speaker, Dr. Kristine Tran.They included Rotarians Deborah Lindholm, a member of La Jolla Sunrise Rotary, and Sabine and Ashley Ostrofe, from the Grass Valley South Rotary. Also attending as friends of Dr. Tran were Kip Scott, Katie Okada, Kristy Ly, Kathleenand Peter Nordland, Steven Romanoff,and Dante Horvath. Will Creekmur introduced his guest, Tony Renda. Tony is in property management, and his family owns the Bernardo Winery.

President’s Announcements

Kevin Quinn welcomed Claude Rosinsky, who returned to the club after a two-month absence due to complicated knee surgery.  John Todd was congratulated on his recent 90thbirthday. Kevin also wished our Rotarians and guests a Happy Jewish New Year.

Who Am I? Don Lincoln

Don Lincoln is a lawyer specializing in representing public entities such as cities, counties, school districts, water districts, etc. He was raised on a farm in western New York, and recalls working the farm as a boy using draft horses and mules. He was the first male in the family to graduate high school and won a competitive scholarship to Cornell. He met his future wife, Jane, at college. Within 24 hours of graduating, he got married and received his Navy commission. After his service, he attended law school at Duke Universtiy on the GI Bill and an academic scholarship. During his 50-year law practice, he has twice argued cases before the U.S. Supreme Court.


Member Announcements

Susan Rutan asked those contributing auction items to the “Laughing Under the Stars” Gala to get the auction items and information sheets to her as soon as possible.

Judy Nelson reminded everyone to buy their tickets for the October 6thevent today at the front desk. The Gala has a good line-up of comedians and good food you won’t want to miss. Tickets are $200 apiece.

John Trifiletti and Ken King read of a list of Gala sponsors to-date and thanked all for donating.

Happy Bucks:

Chuck Marsh recently returned (1:00 am this morning!) from an Alaskan cruise arranged by Susan Rutan as an auction item at last year’s Gala. He highly recommends it.

Femie Culpit is happy to be a Paul Harris Fellow. She noted how Rotary is helping her native country, the Philippines, recover from the recent typhoon that has caused landslides and flooding by providing Shelter Bags. She is proud to be a Rotarian.

Speaker: Dr. Kristine Tran

Charles Hartford introduced today’s speaker, Dr. Kristine Tran, who is a local dentist that has overcome many obstacles in her life. She told her story, and also spoke about how grateful she is now to be able to give back to others. Dr. Tran was born in South Vietnam. When she was nine years old, her familyescaped from the Communists and were among the many families that ended up as “boat people.” Her family was fortunate to be rescued by the U.S.S. Midway, and ended up at Camp Pendleton before finding a sponsor. Dr. Tran emerged from those difficult circumstances to attend UC San Diego and after graduating, dental school at the University of the Pacific. Today, she is a successful dentist with two offices, one in Mira Mesa and the other in La Jolla.

Dr. Tran spoke of a recent journey to Liberia to give dental care to the poverty-stricken residence of Paynesville, Liberia. She was inspired to make the trip after hearing the Matsiko World Orphan Choir sing at the La Jolla Farmer’s Market. The 20 children, from all over the world, perform in public places through the International Children’s Network (ICN), trying to garner American sponsors. Dr. Tran signed up to help a girl named Ruth, but wanted to do more. She volunteered her services as a dentist. The president of ICN asked her to come to Liberia, where there was a great need. She accepted immediately.

Much of Dr. Tran’s talk was about overcoming her own fear of traveling to an unknown place — not knowing what conditions she would encounter and worried about her personal safety. With the help of the ICN, her friends and contacts, she overcame her fears and spent four days in Liberia, treating about 80 children and working nine-hour days. The experience was transformative. She is now encouraging other dentists to join her. Her next trip will be to Nepal and then a return to Liberia in 2019.

President Quinn closed the meeting with a quote by Henry Ford – “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.”



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