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August 6th, 2019

Past President Bill Burch filled in for Rotary Club President Charles Hartford, who is on vacation in Africa.

Invocation & Pledge: Deb Plotkin provided a meaningful and personal perspective on recent tragic mass-shooting events, concluding with words by Dr. Martin Luther King: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

Song: David Shaw led the assembly in an oldie but a goodie: “In the Good Old Summertime,” leaving younger members to wonder what is a “tootsie-wootsie”…

What I Do: Dr. David Shaw

David stayed at the podium to give a short presentation on what he does for a living. David calls himself a medical educator. He’s been a cardiologist for 30+ years, and is passionate about teaching. When the opportunity to become Director of Graduate Medical Education at Scripps Mercy Hospital arose in 2004, David eagerly took the post and continues in that position today. Yearly he oversees the training of over 80 resident physicians.

Rotary Welcomed…

Dolly Juanita, a member of La Mesa Rotary, attended as a guest of Femie Cupit. Dolly is Chief Medical Officer of a private homecare company. Ruth Huey joined us from Seattle University District Rotary. Frank Shipman attended as a guest of Laurnie Durisoe. A Branch Sales Manager at Banc of California, Frank noted that his bank is an Educational Sponsor for the La Jolla Music Society, and he is interested in club membership. Ed Mracek brought guest Carly Chance, who is an escrow officer.Cory Anderson attended as a guest and business partner of Peter Nguyen. Cory is an insurance broker/agent from Coronado, offering a wide array of insurance products, including commercial and personal insurance.

I Remember It Well…

Bill Burch recalled his term as Rotary President in 2009-2010. The theme for that Rotary Year was to make what you do “meaningful.” His international project was in Liberia. Teaming up with the Foundation for Women, Bill led the club in raising $35,000-$40,000 by selling coffee (at $50/lb!). Funds were used to set up a micro credit bank that made micro loans to Liberian women for entrepreneurial pursuits. Money was also used to drill two water wells, which Bill reported continue to supply water today.


  • David Shaw and Cindy Goodman reported that the Tijuana Scholars Lab has received a district matching grant of $2000 (which will be matched by $2000 from our club) to improve SKYPE communications between the La Jolla-based teachers and the Tijuana-based students of the Tijuana Scholars Lab. David reminded the club that the TJ Scholars Lab was founded 18 years ago by the late John Vaughan to help “the poorest of the poor” in Tijuana break the cycle of poverty by keeping their children in school past the 6th grade. Students ages 13-18 are taught English and computer skills through the Lab. The success rate has been excellent, with 80% of the students not only graduating high school, but continuing on to university or technical school.

Speaker: Jenna Zobrowsky,Yoga w/Jenna

President-elect Dirk Harris introduced today’s speaker, yoga instructor and mindful living coach Jenna Zobrowsky. Ms. Zobrowsky has been teaching yoga and mindfulness for six years. A student of yoga for more than 20 years, she was trained to be a mindfulness coach at a “Mindful School.” These schools were originally established to teach young students from impoverished areas of the San Francisco Bay Area. Studies found that by learning mindfulness, students exhibited improved cognitive skills (increasing their readiness to learn), improved social-emotional skills, and greater well-being. Highlights of her presentation included:

  • Mindfulness is defined as the awareness of thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and the surrounding environment.
  • The discipline of mindfulness benefits from over 30 years of research.
  • Mindfulness teaches us to pause before reacting to stimulus so that one’s response can be more thoughtful than impulsive.
  • Yoga has been around for 5,000 years and unites the mind, body and spirit

Ms. Zobrowsky concluded her presentation by taking club members through a breathing exercise to reduce stress and increase awareness of our bodies and the environment. Ahhhh.

Bill Burch concluded the meeting with a quote from Yogi Berra, who said: “I’m not going to buy my kids an encyclopedia.  Let them walk to school like I did.”

And with those words of wisdom, the meeting was adjourned!



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