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September 25th, 2018

President Kevin Quinn welcomed Rotarians and guests.

Invocation: Pedro Osuna spoke of making the best of a challenging situation. In life, it is how you handle the problem that matters.

Pledge: Will Creekmur

Song: Charles Hartford, God Bless America

Rotary Welcomed…

Rotarian Takumi Ito from Japan is a veterinarian and ophthalmologist, who is in San Diego on vacation in conjunction with an educational opportunity. He coincidentally was staying at La Valencia, and when he asked about a local Rotary meeting learned of the our club. He exchanged flags with President Quinn.Rotarians Lew and Janeine Sandford from Australia, near Melbourne, are on holiday in the U.S. Southwest and spending a week in San Diego. Rotarian Greg Zinger visited from Club 33.

Other guests included Kathleen Pritscher, who is excited about becoming a new member. Richard Perl came as Will Creekmur’s guest and owns a recycling company in New York called Teracycle. They recycle everything others do not. Rooop Bangu s a SDSU student, who is interested in learning about community charity work. She is excited to learn more about Rotary and plans to return next week.  Caroline Davis also joined us.

Member Announcements

Judy Nelson shared that the “Laughing Under the Stars” gala will highlight three great comedians, great food from Waters Catering, and terrific silent auction items. Tickets are $200 each.

Tijuana Community Center Update

Marcela Cuerto, President of the Rotary Club of Tijuana, thanked Rotary Club of La Jolla for Laughing Under the Stars last year, which provided the funds to construct the classroom for youth in the new Community Center. David Cash, International Chair, lives in Tijuana and works with Rotary Club of  Tijuana. David shared renderings of the Community Center office, located near Otay Mesa, which was recently constructed. RC of Tijuana, Club 33 and RC of La Jolla supported construction for the community center. The John Vaughn Program for Youth reaches students with high potential for business, and helps them gain the technical skills to get into college. They — with our club’s help in teaching English — have helped 30 students achieve advanced education. Graduates have become physicians, dentists, engineers, etc. The mission of the Center is to facilitate various activities supportive of youth in need, including: wheelchair donations, meals for kids, women’s education and heath, and proactive health care. There is a 15-year vision to support those in need and to further construction of the building. Thus far, donations have included: $105,000 from RC of Tijuana, $30,500 from Club 33, and $24,000 from Rotary Club of La Jolla.

RC of Tijuana is putting on a fundraiser to raise money for the project. Called “Noches de Catina,” the event celebrates the Day of the Dead. The fundraiser will be on Nov. 10th in Tijuana, and will include a gourmet Mexican dinner and casino night.

Happy Bucks:

  • David Cash gave happy bucks in support of Laughing Under the Stars.
  • Claude Rosinsky shared with the club a special cookie of Trump delivered to her by her dear friend.
  • Cindy Goodman gave in honor of a couple that supports Rotarians and others in need while in Rochester for cardiology surgery. She is grateful for their support.
  • David Shaw was happy to share his visit to the Grand Ole Opry and Graceland — two sites he can now cross off his bucket list.
  • Deb Plotkin invited Rotarians to the U-TOUCH event on October 14that 3:00 PM as an “after party” – i.e. after Laughing Under the Stars. There will be an R & B band, African drumming and dancing, U-TOUCH Marketplace with African Art and Gifts, great food, and a live auction. Funds support the U-TOUCH Hubs, providing training and certification for the communities in Gulu and Mbale.

News from Abroad:

Susan and I have just spent an enjoyable weekend with Cal Mann in Macedonia.  Here is a selfie Cal took, with a statue of Alexander the Great in the background. Cal is as fascinating and inspirational as ever.  He will spend five or so days with us in London in early November. We are very much looking forward to this. Very best wishes to all our fellow La Jolla Rotarians.

Speaker: Chief of Police David Nisleit

Chief Nisleit has been in the police department for 30 years, since 1988. He attended and received his Master’s Degree at Redlands. Chief Nisleit was teaching at USD until recently. His father was a police captain, and his son is now on the police force. Chief Nisleit says he works 10 – 12 hours, and his phone never stops ringing.

San Diego is the 8th largest police force in nation, though the crime rate is low compared to other cities.

Chief Nisleit spent his first 8 years working in the Central Division of Logan Heights. He then worked on the beach team as a SWAT officer. He handled gang crimes, sex crimes, drug crimes, etc.

Chief Nisleit was put on a Super Unit, where he spent 12 hours gazing through optics at Super Bowls to ensure safety for the games. He was promoted to Chief 7 months ago and is hoping for 5 -6 more years before retirement.

Chief Nisleit shared that there are three temporary tents for homeless; two downtown and one at Rosecrans – housing 700 homeless. The structures are helpful as each homeless person is assigned a case worker. The lack of funds for housing is the greatest challenge for handling homelessness in San Diego. The number of beds and health care support has been cut in half. There is insufficient funding for mental health and drug addiction needs. There are criminals prevalent in the homeless population and greater support is needed. Still, he believes San Diego can be a model for working with the homeless population. The city no longer allows tents to be erected within the city limits, though many other cities still do. Chief Nisleit has increased the homeless outreach team, and many social workers are assisting.

Chief Nisleit also discussed that, with the legalization of marijuana, robbery of dispensaries and illegal deliveries are at a higher rate. Additionally, there are legal and illegal dispensaries.

President’s Quote for the Day: “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant.” Robert Louis Stevenson


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 Reported by Deb Plotkin.  Photos By Susan Rutan Edited by Diane Salisbury.

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